Scraped KneesWe have a variety of services that can be tailored to our clients needs. We do full scale residential garden designs including outdoor rooms and kitchens, tree houses, chicken coops, appropriate water features, climbing structures, edible gardens, mosaic and hardscape work, and planting designs.

My goal is to create a backyard landscape that all ages can enjoy and one of the most fun parts of my job is to discover and expand on what works for a particular family, children and budget.

I can measure your property, draw a plan to scale, investigate the land use history, test the soil, design and draw up planting and hardscape plans, draw elevations and beautiful perspective sketches so that you can see representations of your final garden. I can help you hire and supervise contractors to do the heavy lifting of garden installation and building hardscapes.

Where do we start?

A phone call or email exchange is a great way to start. You can tell me your goals and I can ask questions. The next step is to set up a 1 hour consultation at your garden site. There we can walk and talk and discuss your space in more detail. After that I will email you a design proposal letter that you can review, sign and return to me and then the fun begins!

If your children are of an age to participate I like to have at least one garden visit and brainstorming session that includes them. Brainstorming and drawing with kids is amazingly fun and productive for everyone and really helps get kids excited and engaged.

The proposal letter will have a deliverable schedule based on the scope of your project. Starting with info from my interviews with you and drawings of your existing space I usually come up with several design directions for you to choose from, once we narrow it down and hone it, I complete the proposed plans and you will be ready to install your new landscape!

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