Fall leaves in watercolor



Every fall I get obsessed with the changing leaves. I love to paint them.
I have only just discovered the joy that is a niji waterpen. This changes everything!

I’m sketching in a Moleskine sketch, not a watercolor one. I know it doesn’t take watercolor very well but it’s the kind i like to carry with me. And there are tricks for making it work. As long as a do a prewash the sizing on the paper will become more receptive to absorbing your color.



I have just learned how to make quick planometric drawings by putting tracing paper over my plan views. How handy! And fun! Sorry for the less than stellar photos taken using Photobooth, if I get up to use the scanner in the other room my child will notice me and demand I spend time with him.

Front yard, new paving/gate
quick and dirty planometric drawing

Backyard concept for a very tiny backyard in A.

quick and dirty planometric drawing

Second backyard concept

quick and dirty planometric drawing

Possibly I shouldn’t post my ugly quick unfinished sketches…